The individual careers of the members of LAIKA demonstrated extensive experience in several aspects of online learning research, including commitment with the management of the institution. For example, Dr. Josep M. Duart and Dr. Teresa Sancho have been members of the Executive Board at the university as pro-vice-chancellors for Lifelong Learning and for Research, respectively. Drs. Duart, Sancho and Ferran have the research accreditation issued by the Catalan Agency (AQU). Dr. Minguillón also played a key role as responsible for research at the eLearn Center. In addition, Drs. Sancho and Minguillón have been members of the academic committee of the Doctoral Program in Education and ICT (e-learning).


Dr. Teresa Sancho   ·


Senior Lecturer of Mathematics at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), where she teaches mathematics for engineers and conducts research into e-assessment, feedback and learning analytics as head of LAIKA . Dr. Sancho has been involved in several research and innovation projects concerning the Internet and Higher Education. In particular, she has been involved in the Catalonia Internet Project, co-directed by Manuel Castells and Imma Tubella. She has participated in over 10 technical programme committees and has been reviewer for several academic journals. Dr. Sancho has authored over 30 academic journal and conference papers, as well as writing two books and several chapters of books.

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Dr. Julià Minguillón   ·

julia_minguillon Doctor by the University of Barcelona (2002). In 2001 he joined UOC as  lecturer  in the areas of programming languages, computer graphics, statistics and data mining. He participated in the creation of educational resources on the object-oriented programming, information structure, abstract data types and compilers. His research interests include the description and standardization of educational content and the process of learning through ontologies, semantic repositories of learning objects , and modeling the behavior of users of a virtual learning environment through web mining techniques. Currently he is involved in the GenPORT project for the construction of a portal on gender issues and science.

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Dr. Josep M. Duart   ·   jduarta r r o b


Josep Maria Duart is a Doctor in Education from Ramon Llull University and Master in Business Administration (MBA) from ESADE Business School. He has a degree in History and a teaching qualification from the University of Barcelona. He has taught at various levels of the school and university system, focusing on subjects in the field of teaching, school organisation, and education and technology. Lecturer in the UOC’s Psychology and Educational Sciences department, he is responsible for the school organisation and educational policies subjects on the Educational Psychology degree course, and the education in the information society area on the University’s PhD programme.  He has published a range of books including La organización ética de la escuela y la transmisión de valores (1999), Aprenentatge i virtualitat (1999), Aprender en la virtualidad (2000) and La universidad en la sociedad red (2007), and articles in specialist academic journals.
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Dra. Núria Ferran  ·

nferranf Since 2005, lecturer at UOC. Responsible for the following subjects: Management and communication techniques, Management of information units, Documental management, Virtual libraries, Digital preservation and Archives. Her research areas include: User information behaviour, Information use, Open content, Content management and E-learning.

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Josep Figueroa   ·

jfigueroaMaster in Applied Statistics (UNED,  2013). He works as a Higher Education teacher in Institute Quercus St. Joan de Vilatorrada (Bages). He also teaches statistics and finantial math in the Social Sciences Faculty of Manresa.   FULL cv 

Josep Grau    ·

jgrauvMarket information management and Doctoral Student  at the Doctoral Programme in Education and ICT (UOC); he is interested in Interested in “actionable” analysis and research.  Specialties: (education) market analysis and trends, dropout in e-learning, information management and sharing

Joan Triay  ·


PhD candidate, Data Analyst  and Researcher at LAIKA group. Specialized in behavioural patterns research during online courses. Also has experience as software developer. (Python, Java), data analysis and visualitzations an the implementation of big data solutions.   FULL cv 

 Irene Da Rocha  ·

idarocha-uocTeacher and researcher at UOC, specialized in ICT uses in Communication education. She has been the project manager for  IJIE Integrated Journalism in Europe (EU project). She’s currently teaching ICT Competences, Digital Graphic Environtments and Advanced Creativity. She obtained her PhD in 2014 for he research on Integrated Newsrooms and Journalism Education.   FULL cv